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Dr. Becca Graham

Post-Doctoral Fellow and Psychological Associate – she/they

​Becca is a nurturing mental health counselor, known for her individualized, evidence-based approach. Her warm style combines cultural theory and mindfulness with effective therapies like CBT and DBT. Passionate about anti-oppressive, queer- and gender-affirming care, she welcomes diverse clients, aiding with issues like anxiety, trauma, and identity. In her practice, your unique journey is respected and supported with understanding and compassion.

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"Empowering clients through a blend of mindfulness, compassion, and cultural awareness is at the heart of my practice."

Hey there! I’m Becca.

I’m a postdoctoral fellow who works with adults (18+) virtually in CA. I utilize a warm, compassionate, and relational approach to therapy, grounded in evidence based practice (DBT, CBT, ERP, & ACT). In the therapeutic space, I show up as my authentic (& imperfect) self, while bringing kindness and humor to sessions. I am also a liberationist clinician and enjoy exploring with clients how to engage in mindful self care and process the impact of societal oppressions.

I am a foodie, plant parent, animal lover, and social justice advocate who enjoys binging shows, collecting crystals, and spending time with my partner and loved ones.

I’m Passionate about

providing anti-oppressive, queer- and gender-affirming care, as well as working with individuals navigating stress and major life transitions (ex. grief, faith, career changes, relationship changes, school, gender or SO). The majority of my clinical experience has served individuals who hold marginalized backgrounds or identities (lower SES, racial and ethnic minorities, first gen communities, queer/ gender queer communities, folks who are Nuerodivergent or navigate nuerodiveristy, plus size/ larger bodied folks, hx of trauma). 

 Topics I specialize in include:

  • Relationships with self and others (ex. boundary setting, communicating needs, self esteem)
  • Anxiety, perfectionism (ex. critical self talk, negative thought patterns)
  • Trauma, CPTSD, generational trauma (family hx of mental health)
  • Sex, dating, breakups
  • Weight stigma, internalized fatphobia, body image (using health at every size, size acceptance, & body neutrality)
  • Beginning mental health professionals
  • Undergrad and graduate students (of all majors)

My Professional Journey

My journey in psychology began with a strong desire to provide support to those whom the mental health field has often overlooked. Over seven years, I’ve gained experience in various settings, including college counseling, community nonprofits, and outpatient clinics. My education culminated in a PhD in Counseling Psychology, with my clinical training deeply focused on anti-oppressive, queer- and gender-affirming care. 

I received my B.A. in Psychology and Gender Studies from UCLA, my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, and my PhD in Counseling Psychology from Oklahoma State University. I obtained my LMHC in New York City. I’m currently working towards full licensure under the supervision of Dr. Shawnee Brew, continually aiming to provide inclusive, culturally sensitive therapy.


PSB94027778, and under the licensure of Dr. Brew PSY 31141


  • Moving Beyond a Monolithic Fat Narrative: An Intersectional and Relational Cultural Exploration of Fat Resistance and Resilience
  • Changing the status quo on grievances: From individual stories of harm to transformational and restorative practices.
  • What are we weighting for? Weight stigma, impacts, and calls for change.
  • Quarantine fifteen': When you're more worried about being fat than getting covid.
  • Intergenerational fat-talk and psychotherapy: Psychologists' roles to reduce anti-fat bias and promote body liberation.
  • Weight-bias in academia: Impacts on faculty and students.
  • Development and initial validation of the White Fragility Scale.

"I am committed to enacting change within myself and in systems that promote oppressions such as racism, sexism, ableism, classism, heterosexism, healthism, and cisgenderism."


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