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Life Stages & Transitions

Therapies in this group assist with challenges associated with different life stages and transitions, from developmental changes in college students to adjustments in perinatal periods and aging. They support individuals navigating the unique stressors and experiences of each life phase, fostering adaptation and growth.

This group focuses on significant periods of change and development throughout an individual’s life, providing support and guidance tailored to the unique challenges of each stage.

  • Aging & Late-Life Therapy: Addresses the psychological and emotional aspects of aging, helping older adults navigate challenges such as retirement, health issues, and changing social roles.
  • Therapy for College Students: Tailors to the distinct needs of young adults in higher education, dealing with stressors like academic pressure, independence, and identity formation.
  • Life Transitions Therapy: Supports individuals through major life changes, whether expected or unexpected, such as career shifts, relationship changes, or personal milestones.
  • Perinatal Therapy: Focuses on the emotional well-being of individuals and families during pregnancy and the postpartum period, addressing issues such as prenatal anxiety, postpartum depression, and the adjustment to parenthood.

Each therapy within this group is designed to provide the skills and support necessary to successfully manage and adapt to life’s transitions, fostering resilience and personal growth.

Walking the Walk

Walking the Walk